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We are an academy established since October 2020. We have specialized in cryptocurrency trading, Holding, spot operations, Artificial Intelligence Bot at Pionex, Futures Operations, scalpin.
We open operations to the general public in order to provide education and financial growth to thousands of people around the world.
We have an Excellent UnilevelMulti Level Marketing (MLM) system; which was created ideally to develop our expansion project, recognizing its existence in other international corporations. Based on what he explains, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has indicated that a multilevel marketing company will be considered legal since 1940.

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Our Road Map !


Opening of 1 Ambassador in each Country.

Web update and improvement.

Creation of a Community of 100k Affiliates.

Training of Ambassadors and Networker leaders

Opening of an Agency in the main countries where there is a presence.

Creation of Token. and Token website

Creation of Airdrop to distribute Token

Holders Community.

Community of Traders

Presale on PancakeSwap.

Enrollment on CoinMarketCap.

Initial Exchange Enlistment. (Asian)

Burns 10% supply.

Donations help through Ambassadors, leaders, affiliated with people with Covid 19 and Cancer in the world.

Creation of our own Wallet

Listed on Exchange.

Supply Burning 10%.

Donations help through Ambassadors, leaders, affiliated with people with Covid19 and cancer in the world.

Listed on Binance.

Year 2023 Creation of own International Exchange.

International launch conference.